Wednesday, October 19, 2011

20 Things You Can Do To Love Your Body

In honor of Love Your Body Day, here are 20 things you can do to love your body everyday!   Feel free to add more in the comments.

1.  Wear clothes based on how they feel, not (necessarily) how they look.
2.  Get as much sleep as your body needs.  (8 hours is a general rule, some people need more, some less.)
3.  Get a new haircut (or shave your head!)
4.  Dance!
5.  Eat foods that you love (no guilt!)
6.  Get a massage
7.  Soak your feet
8.  Buy a new outfit that people your size "aren't supposed to wear" and wear it proudly!
9.  Go swimming (or play field hockey or do yoga or take a long walk and look at the leaves change colors)
10.  Have dessert!
11.  Take up belly dancing (or swing dancing or square dancing or pole dancing....)
12.  Snuggle in your favorite chair with a good book
13.  Show off your scars, they are a part of who you are
14.  Tell the face in the mirror that you love him or her
15.  Have sex!
16.  Cook a meal from scratch
17.  Go without makeup for a day
18.  Take a long, relaxing shower or bath
19.  Masturbate!
20.  Thank your body for all the amazing things that it has done in the past and all the amazing things it will do in the future.

Have a great Love Your Body Day!

~Mrs. Sprat

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