Friday, October 7, 2011

Fat Fashion Friday 11

Finally, a return to fatshion!
Hat- J.C. Penney's
Poncho- Fashion Bug (Loop 18)
Long Sleeve T- Old Navy 
Jeans- Old Navy
Boots- Rainbow
Earrings- Claire's

First off, the poncho.  Not my colors, not even my style but this shirt is made of such a soft sweater/sweatshirt kind of a material that when I tried it on I loved it.  That being said, it's pilling already after two wearings!  Fashion Bug now carries a junior plus section called Loop 18 which has some great pieces, definitely worth checking out.  And speaking of soft, the long sleeve T I am wearing is from Old Navy and again, it's super soft and comfy and comes in lots of colors.  I bought this in the "straight" sizes but they have similar ones online up to 4X.  

The boots.  I have never had knee length boots, ever.  I went to Avenue a few weeks ago and tried on a pair of their wide-calf boots and they STILL weren't wide enough for my giant calves of DOOM!  But on a whim I went into Rainbow, after falling in love with these in the window and low and behold, they actually fit.  Sadly, they too are deteriorating after only a few wearings, but I will wear them until they are THREADS, since I've never been able to buy boots like these before.  

Happy fall, everyone!  Have a great weekend!

~Mrs. Sprat


  1. Cute outfit. The poncho looks closer to a sweater. If it is pilling, you can return it. I worked in retail for many years and you should not keep something that is already pilling if that is a concern. If you kept the receipt, you should get a refund or at least a credit if that is what you want. Looks great with the boots.

  2. Hope I don't offend by providing this link, but I had never been able to wear knee-high boots before getting 2 pairs at Ulla Popken - they fit sooo well and look sooo good!

  3. Way cute look! Oh how I know the joy of finding fat calf boots!